Impossible List

So once again inspired by I’m starting an “impossible list.” He was inspired by who pioneered it. As directed, it’s not a bucket list (which was a decent movie) but instead a list of things that challenge me to do more. Instead of settling for what’s possible I’m reaching for the “impossible”, things I’ve built up in my head to be unattainable or unrealistic. The reality is that they are very possible, it just takes me becoming more and doing more.

I’ll be updating it with accompanying posts when I do the impossible by accomplishing my goal. I’ll also be updating it regularly with the next horizon of impossible.

Without further ado:

My Impossible List


  • Fit into the suit I got married in


  • Meditate every day for a month at least for 15 minutes


  • Gone through and memorized all of Heisigs Remember The Kanji


  • (Still working on some)


  • 100 active clients
  • Open an office with a team of 20 fully licensed agents


  • Backpack across Japan


  • (In progress)

Fun and/or “Insane”

  • Go skydiving
  • Go skydiving solo
  • Go skydiving in flying squirrel suit
  • Become a pilot


  • Graduate