Out Fishing

I went up to Sedona today with my family to get away from a stressful week and just have fun. We went up a month or so ago and had a fun time playing in the creek. This time around we decided to check out a fish hatchery that we saw last time. This is a private owned hatchery so they let you come in and fish and then eat what you catch. It ended up being a lot of fun despite almost catching a hook in my face a dozen times.

They give you a ‘Huck Finn’ type fishing rod where it’s basically just a long stick with some fishing line with a hook. In addition to this rickety rod they hand you a wad of bait. I’m not sure what was in the bait but the fly’s were sure into it. You grab a glob of this putty like bait, stick it on the three-prong hook, dip it in and yank when they take a bite. These fish deal with rubes like me everyday so they’re experts at taking nibbles and spitting out hooks. My wife as always surprised me. She ended up catching not only the biggest fish but three of the four we pulled out of the pond. I got a ton to bite but only successfully brought in the 4th one who was a little guy.

I would be jealous, but hey she’s my wife. One can’t help but be proud that she beat an experienced fisherman. We went to ice cream later and my kids were surprised how quickly I ate my ice cream. My wife commented that I’m pretty quick and my 6 year old gave a solid burn that “yeah, but he’s not quick at fishing.” Gotta love family days.

My goal is to put up a post a week. I’ve been pretty good at doing that but this week has been crazy. I usually wait until Sunday night to finish up my posts anyway but with the trip to Sedona I didn’t even have time to think of what I wanted to write about so it’s literally an “out fishing” type situation. I’ll try and put up something tomorrow or Tuesday to add a little more content but if anything I’ll have one up by next Sunday.

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