Making My Impossible List

I am following the example from another blog I’m really into right now called and stating my list of things I want to accomplish in my life. It’s not a bucket list but a list of proving to myself and others that I can achieve the impossible. I’ve had dreams and ambitions that passed me. This is because I wasn’t focused on important things and honestly thought it was impossible so why even bother. I was reacting to life instead of being proactive about making a life I wanted.

A few of the things I’ve done, probably because of sheer chance, but I’ll list them nonetheless because they are stepping stones to the next impossible thing. The rest are things that I am being proactive about or will be.

My goal is to focus on several areas of my life to maintain balance. I’m honestly writing this late at night to make sure I meet my beeminder goal but I’ve had it on my mind for a long time now. I’m going to decide that I’m going to go out of this life knowing I did everything I could to live it to the fullest. I’m not going to be in my last days wondering if I’ve done any good. I’m not going to sit there like many full of regrets I didn’t take. No more am I going to have a vision or a dream come to me and just watch it float by into oblivion. No more am I going to wonder “What if?”

I over this next week will sit down and write out my vision for my future and do just like and did. When I have it done I’ll do a follow up post.

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