Trying some new things to push me to do more

Recently I found a cool site called where they have “reminders with a sting”. For years I’ve been just using google tasks and an app called GTasks on my phone to remind me to do things. Their reoccurring reminders failed me because I could easily clear them and have no consequence and it just never got done. I had things pop-up telling me to do all sorts of things: study, clean, call people, pray, eat and, well, you name it. Good idea but bad implementation because I just only did them if it was convenient.

Beeminder comes in because it solves the problems that I couldn’t get past with just a task list. It can be for anything you want to do on a habitual basis. That works out great for the reoccurring reminders for the plethora of things I was trying to turn into habits because I can now graph them over time. Now I will see how well I’m doing instead of just a checklist each day or week. The other problem of it having no consequence is a key feature of Beeminder. If you go off track of your goal too much then they charge you an amount that you pledge (i.e. the “sting”). I’ve only been doing it about a week and a half and I’m sad to say I’ve derailed on two of my goals already. I will be paying $10 total to them (happy to for a cool service) and now it bumps up to $10 each for them so now I’m even MORE incentivized to try harder.

There are some apps that the users in the forums have pointed to to build on it even more that I’m going to be trying out and posting about.

Also as a fun side-note, this post was written to avoid derailing one of my goals of doing a blog-post a week (just barely missed the deadline).

Phew! just barely missed the dealine!

I’ll be working harder on finding some awesome stuff to share more throughout the week so it’s not such a rushed thing.

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