Trying some new things to push me to do more – part 2

So last week I wrote about Beeminder, which is awesome. Already a few new goals have been added which to keep me in line with the kind of things I want to be doing.

This week I’m sharing something that has kicked it off to a whole new level. Like I mentioned I’ve been using google tasks to manage my goals. From reading blog posts on Beeminder there is a new tool called Complice that was mentioned that pairs with it in amazing ways. There was a whole article talking about Beeminder and Complice working together so I’ll spare you copying theirs and just allow you to read that. To quote it though it says it helps with quantitative vs qualitative. I’ve for some time been trying to transition from just having a hulking massive list (or rather several hulking massive lists) of tasks to do and no way of tackling it. With a journal system I found you stated 1-3 goals and then picked tasks to get you to that each day. Complice works along those lines in a very pretty stream lined manner.

Reading further they work with another tool called Workflowy, which is everything I have wished that Google Tasks would be but wasn’t. The only annoying thing is that it doesn’t have a handy dandy calendar tool but I’m sure someone has found a cool way to get around that. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of how cool this is so unfortunately there isn’t much to write on it but it is without a doubt very cool. I am still trying out some of the fun features and tinkering with getting it all to work together: Workflowy to Complice to Beeminder.

I’ll definitely bee (see what I did there) sharing more about these awesome tools and how to use them in the best way possible, because honestly there hasn’t been a lot of centralized guides from what I’ve seen.

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