Get up and don’t ever give up

I have been going through the grind to grow this last year or so. The problem is that the more I seem to push myself inevitably the more myself pushes back.

Motivation has been a real conundrum. An object at rest tends to stay at rest so I’ve had to rely on the motivation from motivational youtube videos. This first video I found on youtube really struck me. Since then I have added to my list and for my full list I’ve put together feel free to visit¬†

I made some goals and pushed to meet them. I quit my job and started jogging everyday. Then the first push back came. I hurt my knee in fall and was really struggling with school and family life. The little bit of motivation that got built up was crushed.

After the new year Dawna got a more stable job, and I rededicated myself to accomplishing my goals. I started riding a bike instead of running. I started an exercise program that really pushed me that didn’t involve my knee too much. I made my phone launch this video every morning and then watched randomly something else from that list while I did my workout. The motivation was back in full swing.

Then another push back. I got an inquinal hernia. The motivation grinded to a halt again. This time it was harder. Anytime I engaged my core I could feel my guts popping out in my crotch. I couldn’t ride my bike or any of the exercises I was pushing myself to do without my hernia popping out. Not only this but without that wake-up of exercise in the morning my motivation to do schoolwork, work on my business, and be present for my family all suffered. I struggled. I struggled hard. I came out the other end and passed my classes barely and my family survived.

I’ve now started the new phase. Nothing is going to stop me. I found a special belt called the “flat pad” that keeps my hernia in. I’ve started waking up to this playlist again. I am pushing myself to do my goals. I’m pushing to live life on purpose. I’m sharing this because I know that many people were probably in a similar situation to me. I was stuck in a dead end job. I was overweight and hating life. I was going nowhere. But as the title I put for this post I am going to follow the advice of Michael Irving and “Look up, get up and never give up.”

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