Vaccinate your kids!

This clip that Jimmy Kimmel did is funny but seriously true. This role trend started because some guy postulated that vaccinations may cause autism. This has been debunked in so many studies but people took up arms about it including a few celebrities and now it’s a stupid dangerous fad. To ignore sound reasoning and not get your kid vaccinated is an early death sentence on the next generation. There are news reports about outbreaks of diseases that we had all but wiped from existence…very dangerous diseases like polio.

Now I’m not one to just frivolously take medication. I don’t take all these things on TV that get rid of itchiness but cause anal leakage, etc. I do visit the doctor once a year for a physical and I do get vaccinated. Vaccinations teach your body how to combat the virus by having a small weakened our dead version of it introduced to your body do it can learn how to fight it when the real thing attacks.

Think of it like your body going to self defense class. Your body gets an idea of how the virus will attack it, learns the technique to stop it in a very easy scenario. So when the time the virus mugger comes, it knows how to kick it in the crotch and pepper spray it.

I have three beautiful kids. They’re all vaccinated because it’s the smart thing to do. I know now the way they’re not going to die is by something that can be easily prevented. And thanks to advanced modern medicine I can grow old to go play shuffleboard in an old folk home knowing that instead of dying in my forties.

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