Another New Year's Resolution

I have done it for years on end since coming home from Japan but I really want to master the language. It’s hard not living in Japan to try and master Japanese but from a lot of blogs out there ( in particular) opinions’… it’s possible.

So I’m going to give it an honest shot. After scouring through’s pages I have found that what it mainly teaches is immersion through SRS provided by Anki. I mentioned Anki in a previous post and it’s really awesome but I have often fallen subject to a term I heard Dave Ramsey say called “Paralysis by Analysis”. You just analyze it so much that it just never moves anywhere. I’ve done that before. I’ll come up with a study plan and just keep tweeking it and tweeking it after only a week and then just stop because I don’t want to get too far with a bad system until I eventually just stop doing it. The thing I just need to do is just do it. Pick something and stick with it. When I need to change something, change it. When stuff is popping up that isn’t working for me, get rid of them. I just need to make something and let it evolve naturally.

That is what the author of AJATT did and it worked out for him as he says. He started with the 10,000 sentence method. He then moved to MCD (Massive Cloze Deletions) which he explains in his blog. I am trying to adopt his method but currently my main hurdle is where to mine content from. I have a background in learning Japanese but never really got into Japanese media other than some fun anime and manga, mainly One Piece and I’m sure One Piece isn’t going to be teaching me the most proper or common of Japanese. So I think maybe I can grab some from books or from’s sentences. I might even buy AJATT’s example sentences but whatever I’m gonna do I gotta do it!

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