Anki… in a word: Awesome!

I for a while have been using a program called Anki. I have been on and off with my dedication to it but it is really cool when I am using it like I should.

The program is what’s called an “SRS”. SRS means spaced repetition system. It’s essentially a flashcard program that runs an algorithm to determine how often you review a particular card.

So… what does that mean? When I lived in Japan I painstakingly created flash cards by hand and would go through them learning some and struggling to learn others. The problem was that the ones I learned were getting annoying being in the rotation and would prevent me from getting to the ones I was struggling with.

With Anki it takes the one you learn and spaces them out a little further so they aren’t cluttering up your reviews but pop up here and there to keep you fresh on them. The ones you struggle with just keep popping up until you learn it or you realize it’s not worth learning and delete it.

The best part about it is for my classes I was able to make 2-300 flashcards for all the things I learned in class and it was all conveniently on my phone and spaced out throughout the semester both reminding me and teaching me. I felt it really helped me get ready for those stupid comprehensive exams. Instead of taking stuff I hadn’t looked at for 1, 2, 3 months it would be constantly reviewed and I would just run through my flash cards a few times to lock it down.

There are almost limitless possibilities with this program.

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